What is CBD Oil?

You might be wondering “How does cannabis oil work?” “, as it is a commonly asked question. Well, for starters, let us be clear about one thing; cannabis is not an “herb” or a natural ingredient that can be used anyhow, and certainly is not the same as THC, which is found in marijuana. “Cannabis” and “weed” are not the same thing. They refer to “cannabis”, which is the dried stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. Some of the most popular “potent” strains of cannabis include; Lemon Grass, Margarita and Honey Badger.

So, just how does cannabis oil work? Many scientific studies have been conducted on this topic. One study performed at the University of Glasgow has shown that applying topical solutions containing 25 mg of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) reduced pain sensation and did not affect motor function. Yet another study published in the Journal of American Medical Association has revealed that long-term users of oral cannabidiol (CBD) may have similar neurobiological effects as recreational marijuana smokers. Neuropsychological benefits have been shown by the Cannabinoid Enriched brain Network (CBD Network).

How does cannabis oil treat Alzheimer’s? In some instances, it has been found that CBD can help lower acetylcholine receptor density in the brain, which can reduce memory and cognitive deficiencies associated with the disease. CBD has been shown not to cause the adverse side effects of long-term alcohol abuse, allowing patients with alcohol-induced dementia to move on to other treatments. However, much more testing needs to be done to verify the efficacy of CBD in treating Alzheimer’s.

For now, it is known that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, as well as an effective muscle relaxant. It has also been found to act as a strong antioxidant in the body, preventing cellular damage caused by excessive glucose and lipid oxidation. These two factors increase the severity of many medical conditions and make them worse. Cannabis oil can be used to treat any medical condition by keeping your cells healthy.

Another example of cannabis oil’s effectiveness is the recent study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. It has been known for a long time that CBD can protect brain cells against inflammation, which can lead to cell damage. In this latest study, scientists found that CBD seems to reverse the affects of chronic inflammation on the brain. Those that were suffering from multiple sclerosis had found that their brain cells were severely damaged by a specific protein. CBD was added to reduce the levels of this protein and inflammation throughout the body.

Since years, medical researchers have been trying out to understand how cannabis oil works. This compound has been shown to be effective in treating many medical conditions. For many years, extracts from the cannabis plant have been made available to help those who suffer from everything from migraines to MS. Now, a recent study has been conducted to determine whether or not CBD is also effective when taken in combination with medicinal marijuana extracts. The study’s results could have a significant impact on the way that medical professionals use medicinal cannabis today.

A team of medical scientists led by Dr. George C. Libman, of the New York State Psychiatric Institute as well as members of the National Institute on Dealing With Mental Indignities decided to test three herbal extracts on mice with anxiety and depression. The researchers began by giving the mice a small amount Xanax (an anti-anxiety medication). Although the same drug has been shown to be effective in anxiety treatment and mood improvement in humans, it was not effective in mice. The researchers then gave the mice high levels of CBD. On days when the mice did not receive any Xanax, they showed an improvement in their mood and performance, as evidenced by a noticeable reduction in freezing behavior. When the researchers combined CBD with another pharmaceutical grade plant compound, the combination produced remarkable results in the mice that received CBD alone.

This study provides additional insight into how does cannabis oil work to treat a variety of medical conditions. Researchers are unsure whether CBD can reduce anxiety and depression in humans or if it works differently in labs than in animals. Combining medicinal cannabis with other compounds could be the best way to find a cure. The combination of medicinal cannabis with other plant compounds might revolutionize medicine as we know it.